Corn Belt and Grain Belt - USA. America's Wheat Belt

The breadbasket of the US are the prairie states of the Mid West, whose fertile lands, flat terrain and perfect weather provide the ideal conditions for growing corn, soybeans and wheat. More than 50% of the US’s corn comes from the four Corn Belt states of Iowa, Indiana, Illinois, and Ohio and more than 50% of all grain comes from the five Grain Belt states of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri and Iowa. Production in these states is characterised by giant farms using the very latest equipment, chemicals and techniques to achieve the highest productive output in the world. The countryside is dotted with huge silos especially along railroad sidings. Farms are very much ‘farm factories’.




By Paul Warner Dobson

The economic health of Corn Belt states is very much tied to the fortunes of growers. A poor harvest or low prices mean the loss of income and jobs to communities whose ability to diversify is limited. The recent drop in value of the US Dollar against other currencies means American grain is cheaper for importers to buy. However an excellent growing season in Russia during 2011 has pushed prices down in 2012. On the upside for US farmers Australia experienced rain during their 2012 harvest and is slipping into drought in 2013. 2012's rain caused the downgrade of much of their crow to cattle feed and improved prices for US farmers.

The Corn Belt states of the US are ideal for campervan vacations and the endless miles of grain make great photo opportunities. The down to earth locals of the Corn Belt have a reputation for friendliness and community pride. A holiday in America's Wheat Belt is rewarded with plenty of memoriable sights, experiences and an encounter with old fashioned hospitality few holiday makers will forget.