Fly Over States - Middle America

‘Fly Over States’ is a tongue-in-cheek phrase used by the American elite dismissing the states between the two coasts they see out their First class windows as they fly from one coast to the other. The term essentially describes the heartland of America, especially the states of the Great Plains and the Rockies. ‘Flyover Country’ is another insulting term conveying the same idea. The phrase is particularly popular in New England and New York whose elite often view the rest of the country as inferior to their own special part of the world.


Fly Over States have many things in common. They are the stronghold of the conservative Republican Party, relatively unindustrialised and produce most of the nation’s agricultural output. The nation’s Wild West cowboy image together with rodeos’, country music and old fashioned values of family and hospitality are shared by most of these states. Although dismissed as relatively uninteresting my coastal city slickers many of the nation’s iconic images and attractions are found here.


Drawcards of the Fly Over States include;

  • The Grand Canyon - Arizona
  • Mt RushmoreSouth - Dakota
  • Yellowstone National Park - Montana
  • Mesa Verde - Colorado
  • The Mississippi River - Missouri
  • The Casino Strip, Las Vegas - Nevada
  • Aspen’s skifields - Colorado
  • New Orleans Mardi Gras - Louisiana
  • Nashville’s Country Music - Tennessee
  • Sedona Indian Village - Arizona